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Harmonie | Film (2019)

Harmonie tells the path of transformation since the childhood of a woman imprisoned in the body of a man and her slow and painful journey. A story of courage and difficulty faced at high levels with sometimes sensual and touching colors, but above all of great humanity.



Juana Jimenez | Angela Schausberger | Pablo Grande
Mauricio Cujar - known from NARCOS as Don Berna

and with the friendly participation of Franco Nero
known for his latest production: Der Fall Collini (2019)


Director: Juana Jimenez -  Co Director: Jaime Gomez & Juan Diego Puerta Lopez (Unit Colombia)
DoP: Jorge Rojas & Mauricio Vidal (Unit Colombia)
Producer: Vesely Marek

Release planned for Fall 2019

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تالين ولؤي - لما منحب | Lamma Mnheb | Music Video 2020

Simon Fanta - Mountain Top | Music Video 2020

Simon Fanta - Hey Boy | Music Video 2020

RAUCHMELDER - Sicher Schlafen | Werbespot 2020

Jeep RENEGADE - Spec Spot | 2019

Bundesheer - Performance Film | 2019

THE FUTURE BALL 2019 | Aftermovie

THE FUTURE BALL 2019 | by Vangardist | Commercial

Hemp - Secco | Werbespot 2020

ONLY CETO | Summer Commercial

Momente | Kurzfilm 2019

Es ist nicht einfach... | Kurzfilm 2019

About Me | Miguel Costa

Director: Vesely Marek DoP: K. Ramy L'Esev

ESKIMO | Official Music Video

Director: Vesely Marek DoP: K. Ramy L'Esev

Goldener Adler Hotel Isch SPOT

Director: Vesely Marek DoP: K. Ramy L'Esev

More Desire - 12elve | Music Video

Director: Vesely Marek DoP: Bobby Thunder

The Light - 12elve | Music Video

Director: Vesely Marek DoP: K. Ramy L'Esev

Wo ich bleib - P.Tah (prod. by Deasus) | Music Video

Director: Vesely Marek DoP: Camillo Rakos

FORMATION - Shortfilm 2018

Director: Vesely Marek | DoP: Josef Fasching

CAPTAIN K - MATEUS | Music  Video - Teaser 2019

ZETT Serie Poster Vesely Marek Director of Photography

Captain K is a story about a space traveler who came back from a long journey and realized that something is missing on earth.

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Formation | Art Shortfilm 

Formation Shortfilm Vesely Marek Director

Formation | entirely shot on the DJI Inspire 2 & Zenmuse X7
Premiere 03.11.2018 - CineX Lienz