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Wo ich bleib Musikvideo Vesely Marek Regie Vesely Films

KOID | Pop aus Österreich

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Release planned for 25.November 2018
Director/DoP: Vesely Marek


Wo ich bleib Musikvideo Vesely Marek Regie Vesely Films

Wo ich bleib by P.Tah erzählt die Geschichte eines jungen afrikanischen Flüchtlings, der auf seiner Suche nach einem besseren Leben in Wien ankommt.


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Release planned for Winter 2019
Director: Vesely Marek
DoP: Camilio Rakos

CAPTAIN K | Music  Video

Captain K Music Video Director Vesely Marek Vesely Films

Captain K by MATEUS is a story about a space traveler who came back from a long journey and realized that something is
missing on earth.

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Release planned for Spring 2019
Director & DoP: Vesely Marek

Celluloid | Sci-Fi Shortfilm

Celluloid Shortfilm Director Vesely Marek

The only memory about the past is an old 8mm filmprojector.
Celluloid is a Sci-Fi Shortfilm about the loss of memory, yourself and losing humanity. 

Release planned for Spring 2019
Director: Vesely Marek & Daniel Lager
DoP: Camilio Rakos

FORMATION | Art Shortfilm

FORMATION is about privacy and freedom of expression.
We prefer the technology and not our humanity.
It is a protest march against superficiality and the awakening of one

social consciousness. Because it raises the question of whether we humans are still decision-makers or whether someone or technologies, media, states, corporations, intelligence services have already taken control.

The special thing about the whole shoot and the movie is that it was completely shot on the DJI Inspire 2 & Zenmuse X7 Drone. 

PREMIERE 03.11.2018 - CineX Lienz
Director: Vesely Marek
DoP: Josef M. Fasching

Thoughts to Farewell | Shortfilm

Thoughts to Farewell is a drama about life, past and every little thing that leads to this moment.

Johann has waited his entire life to tell his wife the truth about himself, his feelings and his thoughts to farewell.

Release planned for Fall 2019
Director: Vesely Marek
DoP: Camilio Rakos